The #1 Off-Season Training Program For Hockey Players

Prepare to Dominate: how to level-up and leave your competition behind

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I've trained players at all levels

Our off-season training is split into 5 phases

Taking you from the first day your current season ends until the last day before your new season begins

Phase 1

This three week phase is specifically designed to balance your body back out after a long grueling season on the ice. This is THE FOUNDATION you need to build the rest of your off-season on. Paying attention to the details of this phase will set you up for a healthy and successful off-season.

Phase 2

It's time to make some gains. The kind of gains that will actually transfer to OUTSIDE the gym, not just in it. Watch the videos and FOCUS ON THE DETAILS. Take your career and your training into your own hands and learn how to perform exercises safer, better and more efficiently.

Phase 3

In Phase 3 we will continue to build upon the movements, skills & strengths we have focused on developing/re-building!

Emphasis on Mobility, Movement, Speed, Translatable Strength, Core Strength & Hand Eye Coordination Drills

Phase 4

Phase 4 continues to progress upon what we have been building over the last three phases !! Sprints, cardio and agility are playing a bigger role as well as speed of your movements. If you're following along with my programs, YOU WILL GET BETTER!!!!!!!

Phase 5

Phase 5 will help you finish the offseason right while you are skating much more frequently with the season about to start with a heavy focus on contrast sets to get the most out of the gym without tiring you out since you’re skating a lot more!


Vecchs has not only helped me become a better hockey player but a better person. He makes everyone want to be better. He has nothing but love for his clients and helps each guy in whatever way he can. It is a privilege to be trained by him.

Ben Doran - Forward; Bowling Green State University

What's Included:

  • 20 Weeks of off-ice programming built for hockey players of all ages, strengths, and skill levels

  • 24/7 Personal access to Vecchs for comments, questions, or just to get fired up!!!

  • 7 Programmed sessions per week designed to optimally balance your load and recovery

  • Set tracking so you can constantly push yourself to improve week over week

  • Customized video tutorials that teach you exactly how to perform each and every exercise

Over $2,500 of value!

I Normally Sell it For $250

Today: only $199!

Less Than $1.50 per Workout. For All 5 Phases!

Don't just take my word for it

Hear from some of my clients

Joseph Woll

Goaltender; Toronto Maple Leafs

Chris Wideman

Defenseman; Montreal Canadiens

Trent Frederic

Forward; Boston Bruins

Topher Scott

Founder; The Hockey Think Tank

Travis Turnbull

Retired; 14-Year Pro Hockey Player

Josh Boyer

Forward; St. Lawrence University

Decades of training experience customized to help players, like you, excel

Meet Jeff Lovecchio


Jeff has been a huge help to me physically and mentally. The way that he trains us is top notch. I have grown and learned so much about my body throughout my 6 years of working with Jeff.

Caden Brown - Forward; Ohio State University

The only reason I was able to accomplish what I did during my hockey career was because of the things I did in the gym.

Despite a stride that resembled Happy Gilmore, I was able to sign two NHL contracts and play professionally all over the world for over ten years.

I've dedicated my life to helping players, just like you, take their game to the next level and dominate all levels of hockey, business, and life. Join the GMBM training team today and level up!!!!

Since retiring professionally, I've been able to:

  • Train over 10,000 people online

  • Train multiple D1, D3 and junior teams

  • Work with over 200 pro clients

  • Gain 110,000 Instagram followers by helping my followers GIVE and BE MORE

Don't wait any longer

Every Second You wait is another second you fall behind

I want to help you become a better hockey player, athlete, and human. Getting better is an INTENTIONAL ACT. Indecision is a decision. Do the hard work now to be miles beyond the rest of your competition next season!

Still not sure if this is for you?

Frequently Asked Questions

If my gym doesn’t have a piece of equipment what should I do?

Once you sign up you can DM me through the app any time with questions such as this that I can help with!

What if my offseason is going to finish in the middle of phase four or five?

All you need to do is DM me through the app three weeks before your season starts and I will guide you in how I want you to tailor the program to best fit your schedule for your last few weeks of training. My goal is help you perform at your best on the ice!!!

Do you have a recommended supplement list to help maximize my work in the gym?

Absolutely I do. DM me through the app and I can help customize a supplement list based off your current needs and budget!

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